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本文摘要:长江音乐厅、长江音乐学院观点性修建设计方案国际征集通告Solicitation of International Plans for the Conceptual Architectural Design of Yangtze Concert Hall and Yangtze Music Institute 一、项目配景Ⅰ. Background以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻党的十九大和十九届二中、三中、四中、五中全会精神,深化落实习近平总书记对重庆提出


长江音乐厅、长江音乐学院观点性修建设计方案国际征集通告Solicitation of International Plans for the Conceptual Architectural Design of Yangtze Concert Hall and Yangtze Music Institute 一、项目配景Ⅰ. Background以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻党的十九大和十九届二中、三中、四中、五中全会精神,深化落实习近平总书记对重庆提出的“两点”定位、“两地”“两高”目的、发挥“三个作用”和营造良好政治生态的重要指示要求。深入贯彻落实习近平总书记关于都会事情的重要讲话精神,坚持以人民为中心的生长理念,坚持“共抓大掩护、不搞大开发”,坚持文化铸魂、工业赋能,完善人文之城焦点区功效,匠心营造文化艺术者的精神家园和价值圣地,做实做靓重庆“两江四岸”都会生长主轴长江交响曲的华美乐章,彰显“山水之城、漂亮之地”奇特魅力。

Guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics of New Era, we have fully been implementing requirements of the 19th National Congress and the Second/Third/Fourth/Fifth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee. We have been also implementing the instructions of “dual geographic importance, twins goals and parallel progress” and “three roles” proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping for a sound Political Ecosystem. We have been also implementing the instructions of his speech on urban work such as putting people first in our development philosophy all the time, persistently showing efforts in protection instead of development, casting the city soul by culture and empowering the city by industries. We are perfecting the core function of the city of humanity and creating a spiritual home and a holy place of value for cultural artists. We must better play the Yangtze River Symphony of "Two Rivers and Four Riversides", highlighting “a Natural Land of Beauty and a City of Cultural Appeal”.计划建设长江文化艺术湾区是实施都会提升行动计划、推进重庆“两江四岸”治理提升的重要事情内容,是保留都会历史文化影象、让人们记着历史记着乡愁的详细举措。The planning and construction of the Bay of Yangtze River Culture is of great importance for implementing action plan of upgrading of urban landscape and "Two Rivers and Four Riversides" management. It is a measure to preserve the historical and cultural memory of the city for the city dwellers. (图1 重庆“两江四岸”都会生长主轴)((Figure 1 The Key Area of Chongqing’s Urban Development -"Two Rivers and Four Riversides")二、项目概况Ⅱ. Profile长江文化艺术湾区由钓鱼嘴半岛、重钢片区和九龙半岛组成,是重庆两江四岸都会生长主轴奏响长江之歌—重庆交响曲的序曲、奏鸣曲和首热潮,以建设“人文之城”焦点区为总体目的,集中体现重庆人“坚韧顽强、开放包容、豪爽耿直”的人文特质,将建设成为激活文化价值的长江上游文化艺术中心、促进工业转型的西部新兴文化工业高地、体验人文荟萃的重庆时尚艺术生活秀带和观览山清水秀的主城滨江绿色生态长廊。The Bay of Yangtze River Culture and Art is composed of the Diaoyuzui Peninsula, the Chong Gang Area and Jiu Long Peninsula. It is the overture, sonata or climax of Chongqing Symphony of the Song of Yangtze River. That is "Two Rivers and Four Riversides", the main part of urban development. Our overall goal is to build a core area of a "City of Humanities.", embodying characteristics of Chongqing people including “tenacity, openness, tolerance, boldness and honesty”. We will building a cultural and artistic center of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River that can activates cultural values, a highland of emerging cultural industries in the west that can promote industrial transformation, and a fashionable and artistic belt with access to humanistic elements and a riverside green ecological corridor of Chongqing proper with natural beauty. (图2 长江文化艺术湾区整体效果)(Figure 2 Yangtze River Culture and Art Bay ) 长江文化艺术湾区将强化工业支撑,围绕“美术+”“音乐+”“艺术+”工业功效,坚持市场化运作,加速专业化招商,努力将文化艺术资源优势转化为工业优势、生长优势、经济优势。

建设中重点突出人文特色,掩护使用好历史文化,在景观中融入文化元素,在设计上体现文化符号,匠心营造艺术家的精神家园,让喜好艺术、从事艺术的人群扎根湾区。The Yangtze River Culture and Art Bay will strengthen industries as support and focus on "art +", "music +" and "art +". It will emphasize market-oriented operations to accelerate professional business attraction in a professional way to transform the advantages of cultural and artistic resource into the ones in industry, development and economy. The construction should highlight humanistic characteristics. To be specific, we should protect and better utilize historical and cultural heritage, integrating cultural elements into the landscape and reflecting cultural symbols in the design. We should create a mind home for artists so as to make art-loving and art-engaging people take roots here.钓鱼嘴半岛定位为长江文化艺术湾区的“音乐半岛”,将以“音乐+文创、文旅、科技”为主要功效,与九龙美术半岛配合形成重庆文艺社团聚集地。钓鱼嘴半岛将计划长江音乐厅、音乐广场、音乐台、长江音乐营、长江音乐博物馆、长江音乐学院6处重大文化艺术设施。

Diaoyuzui Peninsula is positioned as the "music peninsula" of the Bay of Yangtze River Culture and Art. It will focus "music + cultural creation, cultural tourism, and technology", and is building itself into a gathering place for cultural and artistic associations of the city, together with the Jiulong Peninsula. The Diaoyuzui Peninsula will plan 6 major cultural and artistic facilities including Concert Hall, Music Plaza, Music Stage, Music Camp of Yangtze River, Music Museum of Yangtze River, and Music Institute of Yangtze River. (图3 音乐半岛六大设施 )(Figure 3 Six major facilities )钓鱼嘴半岛位于重庆大渡口区南部,面积约6.1平方公里,是长江进入重庆中心城区的第一个半岛,是重庆中心城区南部的江上门户。钓鱼嘴半岛地形地貌为低山丘陵,阵势西高东低,从长江航道望去,其地貌特征类似重庆母城渝中半岛。


The Diaoyuzui Peninsula is located in the southern part of Chongqing Dadukou District, covering an area of approximately 6.1 square kilometers. It is the first peninsula where the Yangtze River enters Chongqing Proper and is the gateway of the south of Chongqing Proper. The Diaoyuzui Peninsula has low-mountain hills, high in the west and low in the east. Viewed from the Yangtze River Channel, its geomorphic features are similar to Yuzhong Peninsula, the mother city of Chongqing. The Diaoyuzui Peninsula is still in the early stage of development with excellent ecological environment at present. The riverside has shallow wetland and lush vegetation. The sporadic construction is hidden in the mountains and forests while infrastructure such as roads and rail transit is now under construction. The peninsula and surrounding areas have produced musical intangible cultural heritage such as chants of stone craftsman of Tiao Deng and guqin art. and a piano prince called Li Yundi went to the world from here. (图4 钓鱼嘴半岛航拍 )(Figure 4 Diaoyuzui Peninsula)为落实市委、市政府事情摆设,突出人文特色,强化工业支撑,完善都会功效,高起点计划、高尺度建设长江文化艺术湾区,进一步彰显山水之城、漂亮之地的奇特魅力,钓鱼嘴音乐半岛将完整导入音乐工业,重点引进培育音乐影视、网络娱乐、数字出书等相关工业,加速推进重大功效性项目建设,打造国家级音乐工业基地,努力实现“一张白纸”上的精彩演绎。In order to implement the arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, we should highlight humanistic characteristics, strengthen industrial support, and improve urban functions. Besides, we should build the Yangtze River Cultural and Art Bay with a high-start planning and high-standard construction to demonstrate “a Natural Land of Beauty and a City of Cultural Appeal”. Diao Yuzui musical peninsula will be fully equipped the music industry, focus on introducing and cultivating industries including music, film and television, online entertainment, and digital publishing. We should accelerate the construction of functional projects, build a national music industry base, for a wonderful performance from the scratch.本次征集的长江音乐厅和长江音乐学院是推动建设音乐半岛整体建设的重大功效设施。The Yangtze Concert Hall and Yangtze Music Institute in this solicitation are the major facilities for the overall construction of the Music Peninsula.三、设计规模及规模Ⅲ. Design Scope and Scale长江音乐厅位于钓鱼嘴半岛岛头,占地约9.54公顷,总修建规模不凌驾10万平方米,其中,地上计容修建规模不凌驾8万平方米。长江音乐学院位于钓鱼嘴半岛岛头西侧,占地约12.23公顷,地上计容修建规模不凌驾15万平方米。

The Yangtze Concert Hall is located at the head of the Diaoyuzui Peninsula. It covers an area of about 9.54 hectares,the total construction area does not exceed 100,000 square meters which contains no more than 80,000 square meters of above-ground capacity building area. The Music Institute of Yangtze River is located on the west of the head of the Diaoyuzui Peninsula, covering an area of approximately 12.23 hectares, the total above-ground one does not exceed 150,000 square meters. (图5 长江音乐厅、长江音乐学院区位图 )(Figure 5 Yangtze Concert Hall and Music Institute of Yangtze River ) 四、设计内容Ⅳ. Design content本次征集旨在邀请具有相关修建设计履历的高水平团队根据长江文化艺术湾区整体计划生长要求,体现“国际化、绿色化、智能化、人文化”,提供高水准的修建方案,为音乐半岛的建设出谋划策,塑造重庆艺术精神殿堂和音乐人才孵化摇篮。The purpose of this solicitation is to invite high-level teams with relevant architectural design experience in accordance with the overall planning and development of the Yangtze River Culture and Art Bay, featuring "international standard, green philosophy, intelligentized applications, and humanistic elements". They can provide high-level architectural plans to shape artistic spirit palace of Chongqing and produce talents in music. 1. 长江音乐厅1. Yangtze Concert Hall长江音乐厅以打造具有国际领先水平、专业的、多功效的综合性文化艺术中心为目的,是钓鱼嘴半岛和全市重要的群众性公共文化服务设施,集中展现都会形象、体现都会文化品位、展示都会综合竞争力,动员文化艺术工业生长。Yangtze Concert Hall aims to build itself into a comprehensive cultural and artistic center. It should be professional with many functions at international level. It is a cultural service facility of Diaoyuzui Peninsula and the rest of the city. It will show the city image, reflect the city's cultural taste, and demonstrate the city's comprehensive competitiveness to promote the development of the cultural and artistic industry.长江音乐厅由四个主要演进场厅组成,包罗一个不凌驾1800座的音乐厅,一个不凌驾1400座的大型剧场,一个300座的小型音乐厅和一个300座的多功效小型剧场,其他功效可凭据相关设计规模和尺度联合设计方案确定。长江音乐厅将承接国际大型音乐演艺运动,对全国开放,并同时为长江音乐学院提供教学配套和设施共享。

长江音乐厅内部空间设计和声学设计需满足举行国际大型专业声乐类演出的设置要求。方案应充实体现智能化,引入互联网智能化治理、信息化治理等技术,打造国际先进的智慧化音乐厅。Yangtze Concert Hall plans to build 4 performance venues, including a concert hall with no more than 1,800 seats, a large theater with no more than 1,400 seats, a small concert hall with 300 seats and a multifunctional small theater with 300 seats. Other functions can be decided based on the relevant design scale, standard and the design plan. The Yangtze Concert Hall will undertake international large-scale music performance activities and open to the whole country. At the same time, it will provide teaching facilities for Music Institute of the Yangtze River. The internal space design and acoustic design of the Yangtze Concert Hall must meet the configuration requirements for international large-scale professional vocal performances. The plan should fully embody intelligentized applications and introduce technologies such as Internet intelligentized management and information management for an intelligent concert hall at the international level.音乐厅地块内包罗一处音乐广场,音乐广局面积约为5万平方米。


The land of the concert hall also contains a music plaza with an area about 50,000 square meters. The boundary of the music plaza can be determined in line with the architectural design plan of the concert hall. We should think globally towards music square and the music platform on the its south side and do a good job in the connection between them. 2. 长江音乐学院2. Yangtze Music Institute以“开办海内一流音乐高校、争创国际特色音乐院校”为目的,把长江音乐学院打造成为融合教学、实践与科研为一体的现代音乐艺术院校。学院将根据高端人才造就和国际化目的的高尺度要求举行建设,力争纳入全市和全国“十四五”高等教育生长计划。With the goal of "establishing a domestic first-class music college and striving to create a unique music institute at international level", we should build the institute into a modern music and art palace integrating teaching, practice and scientific research. The institute will be constructed in accordance with the high standards of high-end talent training at international level. We will strive to include it into "14th Five-Year" higher education development plan of our city and even of our country.长江音乐学院将以产城融合的方式,建设开放式、街区式、人文式、景区式的艺术校园。


The institute will build itself into an open, block-centered and humanistic art campus with natural appeals based on industry-city integration. The land of the Diaoyuzui Peninsula will adopt the traditional spatial layout featuring “small blocks and dense road network”. The overall layout, architectural form and spatial scale of the institute should fully consider the coordination with the street space of the surrounding land, reflecting the spatial characteristics of the mountain city. The overall architectural style should be integrated with the natural environment of mountains and rivers, coordinated with the architectural style of Yangtze Concert Hall, and we should avoid exotic architectural styles.长江音乐学院计容修建规模约15万平方米,将设立声乐歌剧系、钢琴系、盛行音乐系、作曲与指挥系、音乐戏剧系、舞蹈教育系、舞蹈演出系等16个系。专业师资约300人,行政治理人员约50人;教育规模预计为3000人本科生,400人研究生(含硕士、博士生)。

长江音乐学院不再单独计划设置演出汇演类大型剧场。The institute has a capacity building area of approximately 150,000 square meters and will set up 16 departments including the Department of Vocal Music and Opera, Department of Piano, Department of Pop Music, Department of Composition and Conducting, Department of Music and Drama, Department of Dance Education, and Department of Dance Performance. There are about 300 professional teachers and about 50 administrative personnel; we expect to enroll 3000 undergraduates and 400 postgraduates (including masters and doctoral students). It no longer plans to set up a large-scale theater for performances. 3. 修建规模说明3. Description of building scale长江音乐厅、长江音乐学院详细修建规模在满足各功效修建规模要求的前提下,可联合方案设计举行优化调整(不得凌驾各项目确定的总计容修建规模)。

The specific building scale of Yangtze Concert Hall and Yangtze Music Institute can be optimized in line with the plan design (not exceeding the total building capacity area determined by all the projects) after they meet the scale requirements of each functional building . 五、征集形式Ⅴ. Form of solicitation本次方案征集将接纳“意向邀请”+“公然报名”两种报名方式。The solicitation will adopt "Intentional Invitation" and "Open Registration".(一)意向邀请:邀请3家具有音乐厅、剧院相关设计履历的高水平设计单元(含团结体),按单元英文首字母排序,划分为:1. 德国gmp国际修建设计有限公司+同济大学修建设计研究院(团体)有限公司(团结体)2. MAD修建事务所+华东修建设计研究院有限公司(团结体)3. 挪威斯诺赫塔修建事务所+广州市设计院(团结体) (1) Intentional invitation: Invite 3 high-level design units (consortium) with relevant design experience in concert halls and theaters, and they are sorted by the English initials, respectively:1. GMP international GmbH & Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd (consortium)2. MAD Architects & East China Architectural Design&Research Institute (consortium)3. Snøhetta Studio Hong Kong Limited & Guangzhou Design Institute (consortium)(二)公然报名:公然报名通过资格审查遴选4家高水平设计单元(团结体)到场方案征集。通告公布后,即视为报名开始。

(2) Open registration: 4 high-level design units (consortium) are selected to participate in the solicitation through the qualification review. The issuing time of the announcement is deemed as the start of the registration. 六、公然报名申请人资格Ⅵ. Qualifications of applicants(一)境内申请人(含团结体)须具有修建行业(修建工程)设计甲级及以上资质。(1) Domestic applicants (including consortia) must have Grade A or above qualifications in construction industry (construction engineering) design.(二)申请人为境外单元的,须团结海内具备上述资格之一的设计单元到场本次设计,同时境外单元在其所在国家或地域应具有正当营业规模,及相应设计许可。(2) Overseas applicants should work with one of the domestic design institutions which meet one of the above qualifications to participate in this project. The overseas institutions must have a legal business scope in the country or region where it is located and it should have the corresponding design license.(三)申请人须由高水平的修建设计单元牵头,勉励与具有富厚履历的专业声学设计单元、商业运营治理单元组建团结体报名,团结体成员不凌驾3家。团结体互助方需签署具执法效用的《团结体协议》,并明确牵头单元、本阶段中双方的团队成员名单和分工划分方式以及事情比重等。

团结体成员不得再单独或以其他名义与其他设计单元组成其他团结体报名。(3) It must be led by a high-level architectural design unit and encouraged to form a consortium with experienced professional acoustic design units and commercial operation management units to register, the consortium has no more than 3 members. Consortium partners need to sign a legally valid "Consortium Agreement", and it is a must to specify the lead unit, the list of team members of both parties in this phase, the division of labor, and the proportion of work. Members of the consortium may not form others with other design units to register individually or in other names.(四)设计团队要求:(4) Requirements for the design team 1、本次运动要求首席设计师须出席启动会、到场现场踏勘和答疑以及汇报评审等集会;自启动会后,首席设计师和主创团队现场踏勘时间不少于2天;后续深化设计阶段首席设计师需按业主要求到场后续相关评审集会。主办单元将择期开展中期检查。

一旦报名乐成,则视为接受本条款说明。疫情期间,境外首席设计师如不能入境,经主办方认可,可通过视频方式到场启动会、现场踏勘和相关汇报。1. This event requires that the chief creative designer who was specified at the time of registration must attend the launching meeting, on-site surveys, Q&A, and review meeting; since the launching meeting, the chief creative designer and its team must stay at site for at least 2 days; the chief designer should attend the follow-up review meeting as required by the proprietor. The organizer will carry out mid-term communication on an optional basis. Once the registration is successful, it will be deemed to accept the description of this clause. During the Covid-19, if the overseas chief designer cannot enter China,he or she can participate in launching meeting,on-site surveys and review meeting by video with the permission of organizer. 2、到场本次征集的设计人员应为设计单元的在册人员,首席设计师由主持过多个同类型项目的修建师担任,且须直接到场本次征集运动设计全历程,为后续设计提供技术咨询。

2. The designers participating in this solicitation should be registered personnel of the design unit. The chief designer must be an architect who has presided over multiple projects of the same type, and they must participate in the whole solicitation in person, and provide technical consultation if necessary. 3、设计团队应包罗修建、结构、景观等专业人员,专业人员设置应包罗但不限于上述专业。3. The design team should include professionals in architecture, structure and landscape, but not limited to the above specialties. 4、在设计历程中若首席设计师与资格预审质料所提交的信息不符或未经主办方认可擅自更换首席设计师的,则视为到场资格无效,主办方将对其单元和小我私家纳入相关诚信治理。4. During the design process, if the chief designer does not match the information submitted in the prequalification materials or if the chief designer was changed without the approval of the organizer, the qualification will be deemed invalid, and the organizer will record the relevant units and individuals in the integrity management system. 七、征集说明Ⅶ. Description of the Solicitation(一)本次征集运动分为三个阶段。第一阶段为意向邀请和公然报名申请人遴选阶段,时长约15天;第二阶段为修建方案体例,时长约80天(含修建方案中期评议);第三阶段为修建方案评审。

(1) This solicitation is divided into three stages. The first stage is the selection stage of the intention invitation and applicants, which lasts about 15 days; the second stage is for the construction plan preparation, which lasts about 80 days (including the mid-term review of the construction plan); the third stage is the construction plan review.(二)公然报名的申请人将由评审委员会对报名质料举行资格预审,从中遴选出4家申请人(含团结体)入围。(2) Applicants who apply for registration will be pre-qualified by the evaluation committee on the application materials, and 4 applicants (including consortia) will be selected as finalists.(三)3家意向邀请单元和4家公然报名入围单元将同时开展修建方案设计事情,其提交的设计结果应满足征集任务书要求。


(3) The 3 inviting units and the 4 finalists will simultaneously carry out the architectural plan design, and their results shall meet the requirements of the solicitation. After being reviewed by the expert review committee, the results will be sorted and 3 winning units will be selected. After a comprehensive review by the organizer, a design unit (including consortium) will be determined to deepen the plan.经专家评审委员会评审为有效结果的,设计单元(含团结体)将获得相应设计赔偿费。其中,经专家评审委员会评审为优胜单元(含团结体)的各获得设计赔偿费人民币210万元;其余设计单元(含团结体)将各获得设计赔偿费人民币160万元。The design unit (including the consortium) will receive the corresponding compensation fee if its result is evaluated as effective by the expert review committee. In particular, each winning unit (including the consortium) reviewed by the expert review committee will receive a design compensation fee of RMB 2.1 million; each of other units (including the consortium) will receive a design compensation fee of RMB 1.6 million.修建设计方案深化条约总报价原则上不凌驾人民币660万元。

切合《重庆市市级政府投资项现在期事情操作规程》要求的,项目法人可选择继续委托深化设计单元负担后续设计事情,后续设计事情用度另行商定。In principle, the total quotation of the contract of the architectural design scheme shall not exceed RMB 6.6 million. The project legal person could continue to entrust the deepening design unit to undertake the follow-up design if it meets the requirements of the "Chongqing Municipal Project Preliminary Work Operation Regulations of Government Investment ", and the follow-up design cost will be negotiated.设计赔偿费、修建设计方案深化用度相关细则以最终公布的方案征集任务书为准。

The detailed rules concerning design compensation fees and building design plan deepening fees shall be subject to the final proposal solicitation task document.(四)修建方案征集历程中发生的一切用度及因设计赔偿费、修建设计方案深化用度而发生的有关税费,由应征单元自行卖力。(4) All expenses in the process of soliciting construction schemes and related duties due to design compensation fees and construction design scheme deepening expenses shall be paid by the applicants themselves.(五)申请人(含团结体)需保证所有报名质料真实、正当和有效,并负担相关执法责任。(5) Applicants (including consortium) must ensure that all application materials are true, legal and valid, and should relevant legal responsibilities.(六)本次征询为中英文对照说明,最终解释语言以中文为准。(6) This consultation is a bilingual explanation in Chinese and English, and the final interpretation language is in Chinese. 八、结果要求Ⅷ Results requirements(一)公然报名资格预审结果:应征文件包罗申请人单元和相关业绩先容(A0展板尺寸1张)、申请人报名表、资质证明文件、申请人及首席设计师相关业绩、主创设计团队成员表及相关证明质料等内容;如为团结体报名,须提交团结体协议、团结体成员事情分工方案。

(详见附件) (1) The results of the pre-qualification for registration: basic information and related performance introduction of the company (displayed on one set of exhibition boards come with A0 size), the registration form, qualification certification documents, the relevant performance of the applicant and the chief designer, member list of the main creative design team and related certification materials; if it is a consortium, consortium agreement must be submitted and plan for division of work among consortium members. (See Annex for details)(二)修建方案征集结果:征集阶段设计结果主要包罗设计文本、展板、动画及多媒体汇报文件和实体模型等,其中设计文本由设计说明和图纸组成。设计说明主要包罗修建方案构想、结构设计说明、修建声学设计说明、技术经济指标等;图纸主要包罗总平面图、修建各层平面图、立面图、剖面图、效果图、设计分析图等;动画演示时间不少于3分钟。

(详见附件,详细以最终公布的方案征集任务书为准) (2) Architectural proposal solicitation results: The design results of the solicitation stage mainly include design texts, exhibition boards, animations, multimedia report documents and physical models, etc. The design text is composed of design instructions and drawings. The design description mainly includes architectural plan conception, structural design description, architectural acoustic design description, technical and economic indicators, etc.; drawings mainly include general plan, floor plan of the building, elevation, section, effect drawing, design analysis drawing, etc.; the time for animation presentation is not less than 3 minutes. (See Annex for details, which is subject to the final proposal solicitation task document).(三)设计方案深化结果:长江音乐厅深化事情需对观点性修建设计方案根据中华人民共和国及重庆市地方规范划定举行深化设计,设计结果应满足修建设计方案计划报批深度要求,有效指导后续开端设计、施工图设计事情,确保方案理念能完整、顺利的贯彻在最终完工的修建中。(3) The results of the design deepening plan: we should deepen the conceptual architectural design plan of Yangtze Concert Hall. According to the local regulations of the People's Republic of China and Chongqing Municipality, the design results meet requirements of the architectural design plan for approval. We should supervise and monitor the subsequent preliminary design and the construction drawing design to ensure that the concept of the plan can be completely implemented in the building with success.长江音乐学院深化事情需对观点性修建设计方案根据相关评审会意见举行整合深化,设计结果满足对后续修建方案设计、开端设计、施工图设计事情举行指导,确保方案理念能完整、顺利的贯彻在最终完工的修建中。


The deepening work of Yangtze Music Institute needs to integrate the opinions of the relevant review meeting, and the design results should meet the guidance of the subsequent architectural plan design, preliminary design, and construction drawing design to ensure the complete implementation of the plan concept in the building with success. 九、报名时间及资格预审报名文件递交Ⅸ. Registration time and submission of prequalification registration documents(一)报名时间:2020年12月7日—2020年12月21日(中国北京时间)。(1) Registration time: from December 7 of 2020 to December 21 of 2020 (Beijing time, China).(二)资料提交:递交资格预审报名文件停止时间为2020年12月21日17时00分,所在为重庆市计划设计研究院(重庆市渝北区计划测绘创新基地3号楼802)。


(2) Document submission: The deadline for submission of prequalification registration documents is 17:00 on December 21 of 2020. please submit them at Chongqing Planning & Design Institute (Room 802, Building 3, Planning Surveying and Mapping Innovation Base, Yubei District, Chongqing). The deadline for documents submitted by mail is at 17:00 on December 21, 2020 (subject to the arrival time of the mail). Online mail registration is not accepted for this solicitation, and the prequalification registration documents submitted late or not delivered to the designated place will not be accepted by the solicitor. 十、组织机构Ⅹ. Sponsor and Undertaker征集主办单元:重庆市计划和自然资源局Sponsor: Chongqing Planning & Natural Resources Bureau重庆市地产团体Chongqing Land Group征集承办单元:中国修建学会Undertaker: Architectural Society of China重庆市计划设计研究院Chongqing Planning & Design Institute主办单元有权凭据详细情况确定相关运动日程,拥有本次方案咨询运动的最终解释权。The organizer has the right to determine the schedule and also has the final right to interpret this solicitation activity.承办单元卖力此次方案征集体例组织的详细事情,其经主办单元确认发出的相关翰札具有与其同等效力。The undertaker is responsible for the specific work of the organization for the preparation of the solicitation, and the relevant letter issued by the organizer has the same effect as confirmed by the organizer. 十一、报名联系方式Ⅺ. Contact for registration承办单元:重庆市计划设计研究院联 系 人:贾女士、康女士电 话:+86 18696787830、+86 13500398883邮寄地址:重庆市渝北区计划测绘创新基地3号楼802邮政编码:401147 电子邮箱:cq_urbandesign@163.comUndertaker: Chongqing Planning & Design InstituteContact person: Ms. Jia, Ms. Kang TEL: +86 18696787830, +86 13500398883Mailing address: Room 802, Building 3, Planning Surveying & Mapping Innovation Base, Yubei District, ChongqingPostal Code: 401147Email: cq_urbandesign@163.com 十二、其它Ⅻ. Other申请人(含团结体)如报名乐成,将凭据征集运动要求到场现场踏勘和现场汇报,来渝人员应满足重庆市疫情防控相关要求,提前做好准备。

If the applicant (including the consortium) successfully signs up, they will participate in on-site surveys and reports according to the requirements of the solicitation. The guests to Chongqing should meet the relevant requirements of pandemic prevention and control of Chongqing and prepare in advance.。



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